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What Happened Next? Adventures in NY

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Hi Mom!


Hey you ever spent the day truly wandering? Like, you see a picture in a magazine of that beautiful Planting Arboretum 30 miles away, an article on the web about that new art exhibit, or that coffee shop you pass everyday on your way home from work. Except this time you don't keep driving, you go.

As The Big "30" Approached, I was constantly bombarded with the question

"What are you doing for your Birthday Cait?" (ugh) Bar crawling, and an unmeasurable hangover? I just didn't have the desire. I wanted to experience something new. Celebrating life shouldn't be compiled into drunken nights, who started this trend? (VEETO)

30 is a fresh chapter, not a death sentence. It's one more year to plunge into the unknown, make memories with the family + friends you adore. I thought to myself... "What truly makes you happy?" Self Growth. Really fantastic music, road trips, Earth shattering food, and good company. Enter - the adventure.

Luckily! I happen to have an amazing best friend. Who so graciously took off work, to part take in an epic adventure with me. We packed the car, and hit the road at 8 AM.

  1. First stop Brooklyn Aquarium!

It was raining. The kind of rain Forest Gump describes as "sideways rain" But nothing can phase you when you have a cup of delicious overpriced coffee (Hello Starbucks fiend). Caffinating, Car Karaoke, and we were off. Living on Long Island is a dream, but it IS an island. I find it vital to leave LI to stay in tune with the rest of the world. Living in a bubble never did anyone justice.


Did You Know?

FISH As far as the eye can see. Why fish? Why Brooklyn? Because, learning is sexy.

Expanding, gaining knowledge, consuming, and empathizing for something you didn't before. Life should be focused on these things. We found Nemo & Dory (I know you were wondering). I made friends with a Pucu Fish for reaaaal, danced with sharks, and marveled at the amazing creatures that grace the depths of our Earth.

Super rad right? You can buy discounted tickets online!

Random Fact: The New York Aquarium is the oldest continually operating aquarium in the United States, having opened in Castle Garden in Battery Park, Manhattan in 1896. Since 1957, it has been located on the boardwalk in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

(as per Wikipedia)

After shoveling mini Zeppolis like a starving goblin

we were off. *Check out the food truck after exiting The Shark Building (to die faw) Next stop?


I read about this magical place called “The Color Factory” . It was a pop up art exhibit I saw online. An interactive exhibit solely focused on the glory of colors. As an Artist this naturally compelled me. We had to go. So we did.

The Color factory was nothing short of a great time. From colorful installations to, color coded personality based activities. Each room has its own interactive experience. And don’t forget that fabulous instagram shot. You’re given a card at registration in which you can proceed through the entire exhibit scanning your card & waiting for their cam to catch you cheezin. Best part? They Email every picture to you, for free to keep. Hollaaaa Color Fac!

Personal Recommendation: Purchase your tickets in advance here!

They fed us colorful Macaroons that floated by on a conveyer belt. We made music with strangers in a color filled room of cosmic swirls. Had a mini disco party. Ate some weird candy, navigated an intense personality maze, had a photoshoot (missed the camera 3 times) You know the usual.

But wait it got better.

As we snaked our way through the place, we ended up in the best room imaginable. A giant blue mint colored ball pit. The size of a swimming pool. Fit for a kid, but filled with adults. Complete with a built in Gelato Bar.

As we jumped around, laughed hysterically, and got swallowed by the pit I couldn't help but think. 30 is so irrelevant, certainly nothing to stress over. We forget how to have fun, release the limitations we set. I dare you to be silly, who cares who's looking. Don't take life so seriously. It's moving fast enough as it is. Slow down, breathe, be here now. AND for the record, jumping into a ball pit with your best friend is fun at any age.

What happened next?

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