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Why do you create art?

Updated: Apr 28, 2019


To me art isn’t about creating a pretty piece to hang on a wall. Art isn't about fame or glory. In my life creating is as vital as drinking water, and breathing in Earth‘s Fresh air.

What drives artists to become artists? This has been a question asked continuously throughout the ages.

Did you know?

In September 2018, scientists reported the discovery of the earliest known drawing by Homo sapiens, which is estimated to be 73,000 years old.

Digest this tidbit as you will, personally I record it in my mind as another example of true human needs. Cavemen expressed experiences, gains and losses. Long before written language was established. Our Primal Ancestors incorporated art as a basic human need. Think about that.

Cait get to the good stuff... Ok Ok!

Why do artists create art? The answer is, there is no single answer.

  • Some create for fun, experimenting with new mediums and vibrant color palettes.

  • Some create to feel the release of emotions, memories, and experiences.

  • Some create to have an effect on the viewer.

  • Some create in hopes to incite change in the world.

  • Some create for all.

SO! Why do I Create?

It’s a compelling feeling, like a moth to a flame. Continuously sparked by the world around me. Art is where I sort out negative thoughts of injustice, and inequality. Where I dive into the things you missed while you were talking at that party. The wallflower woman nobody noticed in the corner who appeared sad and felt invisible. My voice, is her voice.

So why do I create? It is a time where I can be in my space, stripped of society, social media, & chaos. I create when I’m sad, truly happy, confused, lonely, excited, or even just bored. Sometimes I have a master plan and direct vision, but mostly I let the paint lead me in the right direction. As a teenager I recall countless Art Instructors telling me to "plot, plan, and organize" I listened but too literally. I followed orders, because even in the creative world rules are endless. While I understand navigating a plan with a blueprint can be helpful... for me it has always been detrimental.

I became petrified of creating without one. I would sit craving to dive in, but too fearful of taking a step without having an in depth detailed master plan.

Have you ever wanted to do something, but you were petrified of failing... that you didn’t even start?

STOP! This is horse shit.

I’ve never been a social butterfly, or fit into societies norms. As a young child, I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder which consisted of doctors visits, poking, prodding, medications, and ultimately the feeling of being different from everyone around me. I have always felt different. People have private, behind closed door struggles. Their private warrior voice, is my voice.

As an adult I have been called "weird" by other adults. I smile, as I silently swallow the insult and digest and return it to myself as a compliment. Yes, adults can be just as hurtful as children. (be kind to one another) Don't let them steal your sunshine, just because they can't feel their own. Continue, have faith one day their cloud will move, and they will gain the ability to see clearly. I use art to tell people different is okay. Beyond that - Different is beautiful.

Creating is my voice, therapist, and soul displayed on one single flat surface.

Food for thought:

Imagine opening a box of Crayola Crayons and every color reads "Brick Red" what a dull world that would be.

In my Twenties I travelled & lived in a magical land called Peru. Here I experienced many things, beautiful and unfortunate. However what resonated the most were the injustices I personally experienced & witnessed. Women of oppression, violence and neglect. I carry their spirits with me in hopes that one day they will be freed of such chains. I illustrate them with bold colors to raise awareness. Their silent voice, is my voice.

Caitlin E. Lawrence | 2019

Today I create pieces to spark empowerment to the viewer. To silence the buzzing world around you, and remind you to reach for that goal everyone told you was unachievable. That Mountain you've been trying to climb, you're almost there don't give up. Already have everything your heart ever desired? Then you are truly blessed. Be grateful, & perhaps lend some of your energy and support to someone else in need.

The World is a strange beautiful place, set your own standards, find your happiness and prove them all wrong. I desire to remind people of the grandness of kindness, and selflessness.

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."

- James Keller

Creating, day dreaming, imagining. These have been my coping skills through out my life. Have you ever felt alone or misunderstood? I think at some point in everyone’s lives they have compared themselves to others. Perhaps even desired to be someone else have different outcome or path. You are not alone.

I can only speak for myself. What I can say is your path will be what you make it. Stop hiding in the shadows, speak your mind, show your worth. It may not always fall on listening ears, but it doesn’t matter. You are capable of more than you could possibly imagine.

Every day that you are your most authentic self, is another day you have truly lived.

Keep Climbing, I'm rooting for you.

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